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Extraction Cleaning Services

Kitchen Ventilation Cleaning & Certification

If you have a kitchen extraction system and do not carry out regular cleaning by qualified personnel your business is at risk.

Catercleanse offer a professional, reliable cleaning service for all commercial kitchen extraction systems throughout the North West of England

We offer flexible solutions to fit cleaning around our customers busy periods including morning, weekend or night cleans. All of our operatives are qualified and fully compliant with the B&ES TR19 standards for Kitchen Extract Cleaning.

Regular, professional cleaning of extraction systems is a necessity for all commercial systems in hotels, restaurants, takeaways and canteens alike. The primary reason is to reduce the risk of fire, however, you also reduce the risk of vermin, improve the hygiene of your kitchen and maximise the lifespan of your system.

To comply with your insurance requirements, we issue a certificate of compliance to TR19 standards for all works completed and provide the documentation that your insurance company may demand.

We use a non-corrosive, industrial degreaser to ensure that your extractions system and its components are not damaged with our clean.

Catercleanse will produce all relevant documentation including risk assessments and method statements. We of course, have public liability and employer liability insurance for your peace of mind.

To ensure that we can certify your system we are qualified to supply and install access panels and replace filters on your system to bring it in line with B&ES TR19 expectations.

Upon completion a B&ES TR19 certificate will be issued for the system. We will also hold a full report of the clean including schematics, pre and post clean photos, wet film thickness test measurements, access panel locations and exclusion zones to feed back to your insurers.

Kitchen canopies and ductwork are a severe fire hazard if they are not cleaned out correctly and in the event of a fire the majority of insurance companies will not pay out unless the cleaning is signed off by an approved B&ES TR19 trained Air Hygiene Technician.

Do not take any chances in relation to fire safety and insurance cover call Catercleanse today to book a free survey for all new customers.



Reduce the risk of fire

Grease and fatty deposits can be highly flammable. If your system is not cleaned professionally and regularly, these can build up in your canopy and ductwork, causing and allowing fires to spread devastatingly quickly through buildings causing millions of pounds worth of damage and even fatalities.

Reduce the risk of vermin

Vermin are also attracted to this build up and can infest your kitchen or building.

Improve the hygiene of your system

Large amounts of grease can drip from your system to external areas and voids again attracting vermin. In addition, the build up can reduce the airflows and efficiency causing greasy air to stay in your kitchen and deposit on walls. This can be a breading ground for bacteria and create a hot unpleasant environment for your staff.

Maximise the lifespan of your system

Heavy grease build up can put additional strain on your fan and motor in some cases they need to be replaced.

Kitchen Extraction System cleaning by B&ES TR19 qualified operatives can improve all these factors and help you adhere to your insurers requirements.